Biarritz Enchères – MF Carayol provides with a wide range of services in order to make our auctions a pleasant experience for our foreign bidders.

Located in the Basque Country, Biarritz is famous worldwide for its beaches, its unique lifestyle and local culture.

Biarritz Auction House is a family auction house established since 1970 and we provide to bidders from all over the world unique and prestigious auctions with a variety of objects, paintings, jewels and more.

We also specialize in prestigious wines and spirits

You will find below everything you need to know about us and our auction house !



When we prepare our catalogues, we try to be as extensive as possible in our designations and pictures but it happens that we miss something or you want to see and know more.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more detailed pictures. We will gladly make them for you before the auction and if we have more informations or details about the lot, we will share them with you.

Please note that if you ask for more detailed pictures and those pictures already exist, we will redirect you to those existing pictures and not make new ones.

Ask for more details at



You want to bid remotely in our upcoming auction and don’t know how ?

3 options : the firm bid, the telephone bid or the online platforms such as Interencheres or Drouot Digital.

We will register your firm and telephone bids in exchange of an email with a copy of passport, bank statement (or CC both sides), full name, telephone and address + lots numbers.

We always confirm bids back with an email.



Our premium fee is of 26,4% VAT inc. for all auctions (unless otherwise specified), in addition to the winning bid. It is automatically added to your final invoice.

If you use a bidding platform such as Interencheres or Drouot Digital, their premium will also be added to your final invoice.



We accept cash (up to 15 000€ with a copy of passport), credit card (VISA and MASTERCARD) and bank transfers. We do not accept checks anymore, even from a french bank.

If you bid with INTERENCHERES, we will automatically charge your CC after the sale

We send all our buyers a secure link via email to facilitate the payment with credit card after the sale.

Please note that if you fail to pay your invoice, you will be listed in the TEMIS file, available to all auction houses in France and blocked from all auction platforms available in France.



We provide our buyers with a variety of international shipping solutions in the email with the invoice.

In order to suit your needs, you can choose from the list to obtain a quote from our shipping partners.

We work in total trust with The Packengers, Mail Boxes, DHL, La Poste and other professional companies.

We offer you a 10-day storage period after the sale. After this 10-day period, we start charging you 50€/month of storage fee.  Please make sure to find a shipping solution as soon as possible.



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